Dukes Privacy Policy

Version: 1.4    Last Updated: 25 July 2016


Gaming at Casino Dukes is safe and secure. Neither your money nor your identity is compromised at any time because all information is encrypted, safe and secure.

Our casino security measures include:

  • Advanced Security Technology
  • Transactional Integrity Safeguards
  • Strict Privacy Policy

We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy, and the requirements established by the applicable data protection regulations. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security measures to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the integrity and availability of personal data.

The Casino will contact you on the email address provided as your login name for all promotions, bonuses and other information, as well as direct promotional mailers to your registered physical address.

Unless you agree to your identity being used in promotional material (such as if you win a big progressive jackpot) The Casino guarantees your anonymity. Your personal information, contact details etc. will only be used by The Casino to promote, advertise, communicate and alert you of casino activity, promotions, bonuses and other news that affect your play.

The Casino holds your personal information and will not sell, transfer, trade or rent your details out to any party.

All personal information submitted to the Casino is kept on a Secure server, and is considered privileged and is protected.

Only Casino staff will have access to general client information on a registered players’ casino account.


A cookie is a small text file that has information about you which is stored on your computer to provide information on a regular basis.

We use Cookies to:

  1. Save website customisations
  2. To provide a full customer experience within the casino.
  3. To understand how you are using our website, to help us improve our service.
  4. To make our marketing activity relevant to you – this helps us to ensure we show you the most relevant offers both on our own site and on others.

5. We also work with external advertising networks who use 3rd party cookies to collect information on your preferences.


In registering an account, you consent to us contacting you through any and all means of communication (whether in written or verbal form and including, but not limited to e–mail, telephone and SMS) in respect of matters relating to your account. You further agree to the supply of limited personal data to third parties, for the sole purpose of marketing offers to Casino Duke clients on behalf of Casino Dukes. To opt out of the supply of this information to third parties, contact us at support@casinodukes.co.uk or alternatively on our Toll Free telephone number: 0808 238 9827.

To unsubscribe from emails, please either use the ‘Unsubscribe’ link found in our promotional e–mails or contact us at support@casinodukes.co.uk.

To unsubscribe from our direct marketing and promotional letters and flyers, contact us at support@casinodukes.co.uk or alternatively on our Toll Free telephone number: 0808 238 9827.

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