Responsible Gaming

Updated: 04/03/2016 | version 1.2

We advise all of our clients to enjoy our games responsibly, to gamble and deposit within reasonable capabilities and with a rational and sober mind they should cease play immediately and inform Casino Dukes via Email: or Phone: 0808 238 9827

Anyone with a gambling problem must not open an account with, or play on Casino Dukes

Should a player discover they have a gambling problem they should inform Casino Dukes and cease playing immediately.

Player Account Limits

The Casino has in place a multitude of reminders and measures to assist clients in maintaining and monitoring their deposits, wagering and duration spent gambling at the casino.
This can be activated whilst logged into the casino. Select the "My Account" button; thereafter select the "Player protection" button.
You may then select Total bet, total loss and Session length limits for your account based on per day, week or month.

Decreasing your limits will take effect on your account immediately.
Increasing your limits will take effect after 7 days have passed. Please note that it is not possible to increase these limits any sooner and the compulsory 7 days needs to pass before any increase will take effect. Adjusting the limits at anytime whilst the 7 day pending period is already in place, will restart the 7 day pending period.

Time Out Facility

These limits can be activated whilst logged into the casino. Players should select the "My Account" button, thereafter select "Player protection" button. Select the timeout out option from the following time frames: 24 hours, one week, one month, 6 weeks.
Setting a Time Out will temporarily suspend your account for the period of time you specify. During a Time Out, you won't be able to access your account or play any games. When the time out ends, your account will be re-activated automatically.


If one or two of these scenarios describe you – please exercise more caution.
If 3 or more of these scenarios describe you – it is time to seek professional help.

  1. Do you gamble to escape your problems or an unhappy life?
  2. Do you stay away from work or college?
  3. Do you feel lost and miserable when you have no money to gamble?
  4. Do you gamble with money that is meant to be for your general wellbeing?
  5. Have you ever lied or stolen money to continue gambling?
  6. Do you borrow money to gamble or pay off gambling debt?
  7. Do you spend less time with family and friends because of gambling?
  8. After losing, do you try to win back your losses as soon as possible?
  9. Do arguments, frustrations and disappointments make you want to gamble more?
  10. Do you feel depressed or suicidal because of your gambling?

The Casino offers the following self exclusion options to assist clients who feel they may need to take a break from gambling at our casinos:

  • A minimum 6 month self–exclusion period
  • The option to extend the minimum 6 month self–exclusion period to a 5 year period

These options can be implemented via our Customer Support Desk or via the an automated process on the casino. Should you wish to self exclude, your account will immediately be locked and no further access to the casino games will be allowed. Any funds available in your account will be returned to you, and no further wagering will be allowed. You will also be unsubscribed from any further marketing while the self exclusion is in place.

Self exclusion via our Customer Support desk can be done via email, telephone or live chat. Email: or Phone: 0808 238 9827

Self exclusion via our automated process: This can be activated whilst logged into the casino. Select the "My Account" button; thereafter select the "Player protection" button. Select the "Enable Self Exclusion" button, this will enable a minimum 6 month self exclusion period.

At the end of the self exclusion period chosen by the customer, the self-exclusion will remain in place for a minimum of 7 years, unless the customer takes positive action to gamble again and to not renew their self exclusion period. Should the customer make a positive request to begin gambling again, the customer will be given one day to cool off and consider this decision before being allowed to access their casino accounts again. Contact must be made via phone (Phone: 0808 238 9827) with our customer service team to have the account reinstated, registering a new account, is not allowed and will be closed immediately, the original account can only be used once contact has been made with our customer support team. Should you request a self exclusion at Casino Dukes.

It is further advised that you consider the same course of action at any other casino you are currently playing at.

Should you at anytime feel you have a gambling problem and require professional help, you are encouraged to please visit the following sites for further assistance and information:

UK National Helpline: 08088020133

UK National Helpline: 08088020133

Gamblers Anonymous


Under age gambling is a criminal offence. The Casino will carry out age verification checks on all accounts and will require clients to provide necessary further documentation in regard to these verification checks.

If your age is not successfully verified within 72 hours at the Casino your account will be locked and no further gambling will be permitted until you can verify your age. In addition, if, on completion of the age verification process, you are found to be underage, the Casino will return any deposits made on the account, having voided all winnings and/or bonuses.

The following websites offer more information on how to block casino sites

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